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tv   The Daily Briefing With Dana Perino  FOX News  January 29, 2018 11:00am-12:00pm PST

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today to release this memoc that was reportedly crafted. what's the current thinking, what's >> can you shed any light between this white house and capitol hill? >> no one at the white house is actually seen the memo. it will be hard for us to make a decision or to speak about it before that would take place. we're letting it play out. if inwhen it's time for the white house to weigh in, we'll do that through the proper protocol. making sure we follow the legal process. we're not to that point yet. >> following up on that. is the white house, you said you have to wait and see, is the white house open to the idea of a release of this memo to the public? can you say in the state of the union address whether the president will mention at all ongoing russia probe.
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which you said really russia fever. that the country needs to get out of its system. will he address it in any way? >> we want full transparency. what we've said all along. we'll make a decision when and if that time becomes necessary. in terms of state of the union, i will not get ahead of the president's address. it's tomorrow night. i know you're all excited and eagerly tune in and can see at that time exactly what is going to be included. [indiscernible] we've addressed every single day we've been here. it's one of the guys you ask over and over again. we spend more time on that than we do any other topic despite the fact that time and time again, poll after poll, says that frankly no one care about this issue. it's certainly not the thing that keeps people up at night. we love to talk about all of the things that do. that will be the focus of the president's state of the union tomorrow. >> back on state of the union,
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when the president give state of the union address, particularly his first, presidents normally are optimistic when, state of argument is. >> we've got an economy that's booming. isis is on the run. we're remake the jewish in the . there are great things happening and all the great things we'll do in the next seven years after this. >> second topic. i want to talk about the issue of black unemployment. one is the president going to start targeting black unemployment as he's saying unemployment gone down over his watch. i never heard of a targeted approach from this administration. is this administration aware that the black unemployment rate from december, 6.8%.
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white unemploy rate 3.7%. asian 2.5%. hispanic unemployment rate 4.7 raise. black unemployment rate continues to be higher. is that something that this administration is touting? or they trying to fix make an either to fix if 2018? >> we've all ready taking it. we're trying to fix unemployment for all americans. that's the point the president made time and time again. he wants it to be better for everybody. we've made significant progress in that both through the number of regulations that have been cut to make this a more job friendly market. a more job friend environment. certainly, adding to that, the tax cuts and tax reform legislation that the president led on has been historic in what has happened in the way that it has helped our economy and certainly helped create jobs. >> why did he take issue with jay-z when he was talking in
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terms of black america. he took issue. have you seen my black unemployment. >> because they're better than they have been. we're making progress. we want to continue to do that. look, we want everyday to be better than the day before. again, certainly for black americans for hispanic americans, this is president who wants life to be better for all americans. he's going to keep fighting and pushing for that. you'll hear him talk about that again tomorrow night. >> sarah, former attorney general of united states eric holder describes andrew mccabe as a dedicated public servant who served this country well. will the president, would you describe him in that same manner? >> i don't have a personal relationship with him. i'm not going to describe him. we've talked. some of the concerns that we have with some of the actions that he's taken. in terms of anything specific regarding the deputy director particularly the news reports of today, i would refer you to the
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fbi. >> president based upon past tweets that he's put out regarding mr. mccabe does not seem to be a big fan of mr. mccabe. he's leaving his post as deputy fbi director. >> i haven't asked him if he was disappointed. he didn't play a role in that process. i would refer you to the fbi. >> in u. of the president's tweets from december, he did say that andrew mccabe is racing the clock to retire with full benefits 90 days to go. does the presidentable in andrew mccabe should be allowed to retire with full benefits? >> i would refer you to the fbi for any specifics around the news of today of his stepping down. >> you mentioned he was going to be in the first lady box of state of the union. i didn't hear anybody about the president family. which of the performed's family
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members will be there. some of the travel that the president might take. >> in terms of family, all of the president's children along with the first lady, will be at the state of the union with the exclusion of baron. i don't believe he'll be attending in terms of travel, we will keep you posted on any scheduling announcement that we have over the week. >> i want to ask you a question about -- [indiscernible] >> we do expect the reports today. i would refer you to the department of treasury for any specifics on that.
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>> on 5g -- >> they're taking the lead and for questions specific to department of treasury. >> i let them know what you said. they can tell us. on 5g, i know there's a lot of peculation about what might happen and whether there's a security case to make for one secure network. some experts including the republican chair are little concerned about the idea. can you bring us up to speed whether that idea is dead. >> as we outline in our national security strategy, i believe it was on page 19, we discussed the need for a secure network. right now we're in the very earlier stages of the conversations. absolutely no decisions made on what that would look like. what role anyone would play in it. simply the need for a secure network. that is the only part of this
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conversation that we're up to right now. >> one network or multiple possible networks. >> there are lot of things on the table. these are the very earliest stages of the discussion period. there's been absolutely no decision made other than the fact the need for a secure network. >> tomorrow night will the president talk about an urban revitalization plan? >> as i said before, i'm not going to get into the details on state of the union. do i think it's something worth tuning into for all to see. i'll take one last question. >> thank you. president repeatedly touted black unemployment when faced with allegations of racism. given those numbers, low black unemployment, why do you think so many in the african-american community are still so uncomfortable with the president financial >> that's a question you have to ask them. we expect to build a greater relationship within that community. as i said before, with all
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americans this is a president who wants to lead for everybody. he's not looking to lead for any one person, any one group. he wants to be the president of the united states. if you look at the policies he has enacted over the first year, he's doing that. he's building an economy that helps every american. he's cutting regulations that help every american. he's helping put isis on the run which helps on the safety and security of all americans. he's helping to secure borders. all of those things benefit all americans. that's what this president is focused on. that's what we've done in our first year. thanks guys. >> white house responding to the fbi second in command andrew mccabe stepping down. i'm dana perino. live from washington. insist "the daily briefing." sarah sanders had this to say about the mccabe's departure and president's involvement.
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>> i didn't say president wasn't part of the decision-making process. we will e-- refer you to the fib where christopher wray served as director. the president has full confidence in him. has put the decision at the fbi in his hands. >> chief intelligence correspondent catherine is here with the latest. what do we know this news broke? >> this really caught several people by surprise. not only people who are close to the fbi but also people on capitol hill. folks on hill said that when the bureau put it to the inspector general investigation, membrane cabe is at the center of that because of the handling of the clinton e-mail case. other thing it was so sudden. the feeling was if he was going to try to ride it out until march which was his official retirement date. if you look at the timing it's
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interesting. fbi director christopher wray went up on hill on sunday. this time to see a republican staff memo about these alleged abuses with government surveillance. then within less than 12 hours, mccabe is not resigning but he's basically removed from that position. >> one of the questions that eric holder former attorney general tweets say, this guy is a wonderful public servant. he's been amazing for his country. he was run out of town and this was all partisan. another question she got, she says on the record, that the president had nothing to do with this decision. it refers everything to the fbi. it is no secret. president trump tweeted several time about mccabe and thinking he should be out based on whatever he thinks it is that he did. >> the president's primary objection with mr. mccabe has been the handling of the clinton e-mail case. whether he a conflict on the surface. whether he had a real conflict
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on the perception of a mcclint with his wife taking money from the money from the democrats in 2015. the president's position is very well known. the attorney general eric holder, has a very valid point. this is someone who's had years of government service. is leading under a cloud in this fashion. what we don't know is the totality of the text messages. with the departure with andrew mccabe, is whether we're going if get the full story. congress not going to be as free to recall him to testify once he is no longer a government employee. >> he might be called to testify to robert mueller's investigation. >> what do we know about the fact that the house is going to vote later today on whether to release this nunes memo the christopher wray went to read last night. do you think that will pass and will the justice department withdraw its objection to it being released?
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>> i don't think there's any question republicans will vote in favor of having it released publicly. they are in the majority as you know. they don't seem to be any blocks. one block is going to be in the procedural language and the congressional rule. i have a quote here that we can pum up. the select committee may disclose public information after the expiration of a five day period following the day they give notice to the president. president advisors made a playing, he wants it out immediately. based on the reading, it may take another -- >> another thing s i wouldn't step on my state of the union message, they have it, hold it. let the president give his speech. catherine harris thank you so much. good to have you here. for more on andrew mccabe out as deputy director of the fbi. let's bring in democratic senator of ben cardin. do you have additional information about this
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departure? >> he made that departure clear. i don't know there's anything new. we obviously very concerned here on capitol hill of maintaining are the integrity of the department of justice. at this point, there's nothing new to report. >> i a chance to sit down with senator mitch mcconnell hour before that news broke. i asked him whether he had confidence in bernar bob muellen that investigation alleged collusion. >> i think we ought to let mueller finish the job. >> do you think that congress needs to do anything. they have a responsibility to protect bob mueller. there are push by some to have legislation to protect him from being fired. are you still reluctant to do legislation?
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>> i don't think it's necessary. i don't think the administration wants to get rid of mueller. therefore the legislation is not necessary. >> senator, dowdie do you -- dou youdisagree? >> they should have their independence. i think it will be more comfortable if congress was more vocal in their support of the mueller investigation by democrats and republicans. that's been disappointing particularly when you see chairman nunes comment and what he is doing. at this point, we all need stand by with mitch mcconnell said. that is let mr. mueller get the job done. >> tomorrow is state of the union. the president is going to talk about a range of issues and sarah sanders just talked about those including on immigration. if you wouldn't mind take a listen to what leader mcconnell
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said to what the president offered to democrats. >> the president has been quite generous in offering to deal with the dreamer issue far more generous i think anyone expected by offering a pathway to citizenship. he wants the wall. he wants to end chain migration. all of those are perfectly reasonable positions. i'm hoping we can work this out on a bipartisan basis. >> senator, where do you think the state of those negotiations and the discussions on immigration stand today? >> let me disagree this time with leader mcconnell. it was president trump to put a date on the back of all of the dreamers. he created this crisis of march of this date. it's incredibly -- critically important that congress pass a bill. it shouldn't be used as host all
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to get things done in immigration reform. take up comprehensive immigration reform, i'm all for that. that's not going to be completed by march. let's take care of the dreamer. let's have a true bipartisan debate on comprehensive immigration reform. >> do you think there will be another cr to continue to fund the government without another shutdown? >> i can tell you this, these crs are dangerous. we cannot defend our nation. we cannot allow our agencies to carry out their missions on continuing resolutions. we need a budget. it's been four months since the beginning of this fiscal year. republicans control the house and senate and white house. they need to pass a budget. >> senator, when you go to the floor tomorrow night to hear the president, what are you looking to hear? what would you like hear? i know that you have been urging more diplomacy with some of our allies. would you elaborate on that?
11:18 am
>> absolutely. i heard the president is going to talk about reaching out bipartisan cooperation, getting things done together. that's very important. i look forward to that. we also need to work with our allies around the world on our international concerns. i hope to hear of his willingness to work with allies on solving the north korean crisis through diplomacy so that we can avoid this crisis, work with our partners in regards to iran. i hope progress is made today with the security councilmembers in getting sanctions against iran for nonnuclear violations. i hope that's what i hear state of the union address. >> we will keep in touch with you. senator cardin, thank you. we just heard from a democrat on the territory president trump plans to cover. in his state of the union address. what are republicans looking to hear from him tomorrow? >> many years they've been talking immigration, never got anything done. we're going.
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him, ah. oh hello. that lady, these houses! yes, yes and yes. and don't forget about them. uh huh, sure. still yes! xfinity delivers gig speed to more homes than anyone. now you can get it, too. welcome to the party. >> president trump set to deliver his first state of the union address tomorrow night. but today is white house brief was focused on deputy director andrew mccabe stepping down. house republican conference chair. great to have you night before the state of the union. let me ask you about that breaking news. do you have other information about what the fbi director, christopher wray may have seen in that nunes memo that led to today's stepping down by mr. mccabe. >> i'm not sure of the reasoning behind mccabe stepping down. we need to have confidence in these shoe -- institutions and .
11:23 am
>> have you read the nunes memo? >> i have read four page memo. what i read was very concerning. i support making it public and getting this done as soon as possible. >> you will vote yes on that today then? >> just in the committee now. >> i got it. let me ask you about the state of the union. i talked to senator mcconnell today. he's in a pretty good mood. three months ago, the republicans might have felt like they were telling a different story. do you feel now with tax reform pass and good headlines and results that you have the win going into this election? >> i certainly believe that the republicans have great record to run on. we've gotten some results that are making a difference in people's lives. as the tax cuts in and jobs act continues to be implemented. i was back home in spokane last
11:24 am
week, i visited a local starbucks in downtown spokane where the manager and wife had a baby four months ago. he was so excited about bonuses and improved family leave that starbucks announced. this is story after story of improved leaves, bonuses. it's making a different in people's live. that's a record that we want to run on. one of improved economy. >> when you voted policy retreat this week with your colleagues what do you expect to talk to them about a legislative agenda in 2018? is it immigration and infrastructure? >> those are certainly going to be topics that we discuss. we'll be headed to the congressional institute retreat. republican house and senate. we want to keep building on improved economy and what it takes to create more jobs, better paying jobs in this country. the infrastructure, immigration, addressing the workforce needs.
11:25 am
the skill shortage that we have in some key areas. workforce development and the expansion of the apprenticeship program. >> you have been leading the charge to help the house turn around its sexual harassment reporting practices and you've been at the forefront. i want to know what you think about the senate doing. in terms of the republicans controlling that. ron johnson said, do we need legislation to get senators to do the right thing? i would say you probably don't and later added, if somebody does we'll take it up. do you think the republicans are missing an opportunity here? >> i do believe that senator johnson needs to look at the legislation that we are going to be voting on in the house. the laws that are in place regarding the workplace are outdated. they need to be updated and for members of congress it needs to be clarified if there are any settlements that will come out of their own money.
11:26 am
this idea of secret settlements that no one knows about, that is yonwrong. we need more training for the staff member. we need place for victims to go when there's an incident and someone doesn't know where to go and they're working in a congressional office. they need to know where they can go to get support and get some direction as far as what next steps can they be. i want to talk to ron johnson. i hope they will look at the legislation. >> certainly the senate is not immune giving senator rubio fired his chief of staff for problems over the weekend. he flew back to washington to do so. >> unfortunately there's been way too many examples that have been brought to light this congress. we do need to take action to ensure that we have a safe workplace. that members of congress are held to the highest standard. >> thanks for being with us today. with president trump set to give
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visit to learn more and ask your doctor for a prescription for a dexcom g5 mobile. >> president trump to deliver his first state of the union address tomorrow night. what can we expect? joining me now fox news politics editor and editor of half-time report. what a difference a year makes. i don't think anyone could have
11:31 am
anticipated 2017 will be like. 2018 started differently. give you chance to talk about law do you think the president will say. >> josh knows i hate principle of the state of the union and don't like the executive dictating of the legislative. normally they don't matter. normally state of the union are whatever laundry list of stuff. which donald trump steps to that podium will say a lot of about a lot. about immigration legislation, world markets about the response of our allies. if we see the agreeable trump, if we see -- >> do you think you will? >> i don't know. we're lucky to get the politics. i could not promise you, i will not bet you that's the trump we'll see. >> the white house set it up that way. you will see him on
11:32 am
teleprompter. >> is he going to be america's sales man in chief. people starting to feel the economic gains. but republicans strategist have been urging this white house they got to sell it. you got to sell the tax bill. you got to sell the economic gains, businesses are giving their employees. i think that is a crucial test for the president. you can't say, kind of normal talking point. he has to make the argument that his tax policy has changed the economy for the good. >> do you think president trump will totally ignore the russia investigation? >> don't steal my column. don't steal this. i think that's a huge consideration. bill clinton, we have president here about what clinton said, what nixon said what past presidents. two different moments and different scandal. do you address it. if you can address it well and say to the members of the law enforcement community, i'm for you and the fbi and christopher wray and say good things about the system and then leave it
11:33 am
there. i think that's probably good idea. >> moving around all of this is 2018 and midterm. i had a chance to sit with mitch mcconnell earlier. listen to what he said for their chances keeping the senate. >> the map is helpful. it doesn't guarantee the outcome. everyone senate races are statewide races. they are big races. lot of money spent. lot of interest. we're optimistic we can keep the majority. keeping in the majority lies in places like arizona and nevada and missouri and north dakota and indiana and west virginia. >> what do you think? >> here's good news for mitch mcconnell, lot of big races are taking place in trump friendly stays. west virginia, indiana, there's a lot of defense that democrats will be playing. the problem is the political environment it's rough. you heard mitch mcconnell talk about florida. recruiting has been a challenge. lot of republicans would normally run for the senate
11:34 am
having cold feet. rick scott the governor of florida is looking to run in that big florida senate race. >> senator told me he believes that they don't have a candidate yet in north dakota, he expect to have one. >> that's what he supposed to say. that's his job. >> he seems to believe it. >> that's the best one you can tell. >> josh, tell me about your column yesterday. you said there were basically four things that you had to look at in terms of this 2018 midterms. >> there are four factors on my political score card. one of them is rick scott whether he will run for senate in florida. another big thing congressional primaries coming up in state of texas. democrats have been a big challenge. they got these dozens of candidates from some of these races. some them are little bit door far to the left to win elections. i will be keeping close eye on
11:35 am
who ends up winning the democratic nominations. if they go too far to the left and nominate someone too extreme, they can lose the opportunity to win. >> the republican party seems more unified today than it did couple of months ago. but the democrats, senator schumer, when he's doling with the shutdown, he's being pulled to the left by some. he's also trying to protect the senators that are in states that trump won. >> chuck schumer is smart enough person to know that when he let that shutdown happen, he was telling his left, touch it. touch the hot stove and burn your fingers. do you like it, do you want another one. we can do one next week. that's the old boehner move. now we'll see when they come back does he have leverage with them or trump. this is are the most fascinating question we've had. which is does donald trump want a deal. if he wants to wheel and deal,
11:36 am
we'll live in an interesting moment. it could be really great. a moment of real potential or we will hear a guy that sounds like american carnage. >> do you think he wants deal? >> he does. big question can you find policy to get house democrats on the left who are raising questions about anything trump does on immigration versus the freedom caucus. >> it's exciting time to be in washington d.c. glad to bring the show here. thank you. major security oversight brought to life because of u.s. soldiers using fitness devices. a gps tracking company publishing a world map showing locations of people wearing fitbits. they're showing up in war zone. national security correspondent jennifer griffith is life at the pentagon. why is this fitbit causing
11:37 am
pentagon headache? >> it's hugely embarrassing. now it finds that this popular interactive exercise app that charts the running routes taken by its users to create competition, is actually up loading data to a publicly available satellite tracking system that and ad-- inadvertently bases around the world. the app is called strav. the glitch was governorred b -- discovered by a 20-year-old australian blogger. the story first appeared this weekend in the "washington
11:38 am
post." >> jennifer, what is the official reaction from the defense department? >> coalition spokesman in baghdad said they have revived existing rules about using fitness tracking devices on bases. the pentagon reminded personnel to use their privacy settings and limiting their public profiles online and issued the following statement to us quote, dod is reviewing the situation to determine if any additional training or guidance is required. if any additional policy must be developed to ensure the continued safety of dod personnel at home. the fitness app company issued a reminder that its devices do contain a option to turn off data transmission. unfortunately the cat is out the bag and the location of these concentrations of u.s. troops have been published. the damage is done. >> jennifer, thank you. more of my interview with senate majority leader mitch mcconnell as he shares his views on the
11:39 am
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>> much more on andrew mccabe removed from his job. president trump has gone after mccabe several times. democrats call that an attempt
11:43 am
to distract from the russia investigation. but the white house says we weren't involved in this mccabe leaving. we look at how the news fits into the time line of this investigation. top of the hour on shepard smith reporting. see you then. >> philadelphia police are investigating a possible terrorism incident this morning where a driver tried to run over pedestrian. police say one person was hit and seriously hurt. off duty police officer happen to be in the area. officers say the suspect tried to attack that officer who then fired at the suspect, shooting him in the head. the suspect is now in in extremely critical condition. president trump is getting high grades from top republicans after his first year in office. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell offered strong praise. >> 2017 was the best year for conservatives in 30 years that i've been here. the best year. on all fronts. lot of people are shocked
11:44 am
because we didn't know what we were getting with donald trump. he was doing fundraises with chuck schumer three or four years ago. this turned out to be a very solid conservative right of center pro business administration. we're seeing the results of it. people who are right of center are very encouraged to see the results of the great work that was accomplished in 2017. >> lee yam donovan is commentator for national view. liam senator mcconnell didn't anticipate for the year do turn out the way it did. >> i don't think any of us to expect. it was touch and go there for a while. they came home with the tax bill end of the year. interesting body of work. >> what do you think about the democrats going into tomorrow night. there are some from the house they will protest. they will not show up and not go.
11:45 am
are they feeling like they are in worse position? >> tomorrow the president have chance to try for some reset for 2018. given the success of the tax package that he passed in motivating the republicans. the question is, what he will put on the table. immigration, is he going to get that deal done or get the infrastructure done. i think tomorrow he has a chance to make the case for that. >> this is by the pew poll today, still as last year, the economy, jobs and budget deficit. still important but look at this next one. up 13% this year improving transportation and dealing with drug addiction. what i saw from that, people are feeling better about the economy. they're thinking, maybe we should take a look at other things. the president will address opioid addiction tomorrow night. we have got to do something on that. >> it's only when you're secure in your own personal situation you can start worrying about the broader concerns.
11:46 am
>> what about bipartisan activity on that issue? opioid addiction. that is not a partisan issue in my way. it affects everyone every blue and red state. do you think there can be agreement on that? >> most of us have a family member or know someone close to us that suffers from this. that's why you see 50% increase in awareness and concern. i agree, it's not a partisan issue. it's not a partisan solution to it. it is something that's covered on every page of newspaper. i think that's why there's a senssensitivity to it. >> it's hard to figure that out. i want to ask you about these outside groups. over the weekend, it was announced that the koch group going to spend $400 million going into 2018. $20 million will be to focus on selling the tax reform plan to make sure people know that it's good from the center right perspective. what about the outside money in how much influence this is having? >> i think it's important to
11:47 am
look two different words two different political gravities. theres one national election occurring in the house where republican have a ton of exposure. there's lot to be done on the ground and giving them political cover. on the senate side it's pure offense from republicans standpoint. they're defending against one obama state in nevada. otherwise they're shooting ten trump states. it's going to be trying to maximize those gains. it will depend on what side of the ledger you're looking at. it will be offense and defense. >> what do you think about the outside money? >> i think it's good year to be in the political media. we're giving narrow margins in both places. 38 governor races up for play. on top of the 34 senate races. i do believe the house is in play. latest poll show the wind behind democrats back. it means people will have a voting interest. >> let me ask you, democrats have chosen congressman joe
11:48 am
kennedy to give the response to republican response. it will never look as good as the president no matter who the president is bernie sanders is going to give state of the union address. are democrats continuing to have this divide as they're in the wilderness as following president obama's presidency? >> yes. the national party picked young and up and coming guy. this guy is solid as it gets. he's from my former hometown. he's one of the more solid house members we have. bernie sanders is obviously looking at running for president again. he has a different agenda. i give the party credit for showcasing the up and coming talent. >> are you showcasing the patriots today with your tie? >> i'm always tired of winning. [laughter] >> ' am -- liam you're patriots. >> i'm a redskins fan. i go with the nfc east. that will be the eagles >> to me they're both in the
11:49 am
east. liam donovan and thanks for being here. cleveland indians announcing they will remove the logo known as chief. the team has been using the character adventure since 19 -- the wahoo will remain on team merchandise. believe it or not today is the first day you can file your tax reforms. this there are advantages to filing early. we're live with the new york stock exchange with details. miracle on the highway, when small plane makes emergency landing. that story next.
11:50 am
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>> startling investigation revealing history of sexual assault at michigan state. it goes well beyond the case of former athletic doctor leandra y nassar. mark hollis announced his resignation last friday. magic johnson who went to michigan state demanding accountability. tweeting if anyone was aware of the sexual assault happening to women, board members and campus police and didn't say anything about it, they should be fired.
11:54 am
check your cal calendar, tax sen keeps off today. americans have april 17th to file their returns. nicole is live from the floor of new york stock exchange. what should taxpayers file early? what's a benefit? >> there are some benefits. get it done sooner than later. tax season is on. it's begun right now. the electronic returns for the i.r.s. begin today. three weeks you can have your refund if you doing it electronically. shutdown for the government was averted on february 8th. they're encouraging everybody to get it in early. you can start doing so if you're using paper. you can begin processing that. it can take six to eight weeks. couple of of the advantages in addition to get it done now, we know what's been going on with the government. get your refund fast. identity theft, there's less of thans for identity theft if you get it in early. you may qualify for a deduction
11:55 am
that you may not have considered sooner. you can bin today. >> that's good advice. also tell me about what we can expect from the markets this week >> it's really exciting this week. we have so much going on. really busy. we have a big deal, biggest soft drink deal. you have a slew of earnings. we have lockheed martin. we had earnings growth stronger economy market records today we're pulling back. we do have apple weigh, there's concerns about them cutting production of the iphone 10. we have rising bond deems that everybody is watching for their investing. that's good news for investing. we noted the positivity that we're seeing in earnings and growth. that we're seeing there. the fed meeting, tuesday and wednesday, not likely to see any hikes. of course, the unemployment report on friday. so much to digest this week.
11:56 am
exciting week no doubt. >> nicole, thank you. we have been hearing from senator mitch mcconnell today. tomorrow on "the daily briefing," much more from senate majority leader as president trump prepares for his first state of the union address tomorrow night.
11:57 am
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try our high protein drink. looking for a hotel that fits... whoooo. ...your budget? tripadvisor now searches over... ...200 sites to find you the... ...hotel you want at the lowest price. grazi, gino! find a price that fits. tripadvisor. >> a highway turning into a runway in orange county, california. last night a small plane made an emergency landing on the 55 freeway. >> you don't have a choice. maybe a minute, maybe two minutes max to figure something out and make decisions. i went with that on the freeway. i didn't know it was a freeway here. didn't know if we could make it. paid off this time. >> amazingly, no injuries reported. so set your schedule. you don't want to miss the daling briefing tomorrow with president trump delivering his first state of the union address with congress tomorrow night. we'll talk to several lawmakers
12:00 pm
to get their takes in advance of the speech. more of my interview with mitch mcconnell. all of that tomorrow on "the daily briefing" from washington d.c. thanks for joining us. i'm dana perino. here's shep. >> shepard: it's noon on the west coast, 3:00 in d.c. where the deputy director of the fbi and frequent target of the president is stepping down. did andrew mccabe go voluntarily or did somebody give him a push? starting to look like this may not have been his idea. not today. the secret republican strategy memo on russian investigation. lawmakers could vote today to release it. we're learning more about the information inside. all this as the president prepares for his first state of the union address. let's get to it. good monday afternoon from the


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